Brunton Farm is a family own and operated business that has been rebuilding and selling Alternators, Starters, and Generators since 1992. However, even before that, there is a rich history behind the Brunton family farm, sometimes referred to as “The Farm”.

Beef & Eggs

It was in 1954 when Alfred and Elsie Brunton would move onto the farm and become a residence of Muskoka where they would work and raise their family of twelve children. It would one of their sons, Gord, and his wife, Vi who would choose to buy the farm in 1957 and continue the family farming. Gord and Vi would try their hand at farming Mink, Pigs, and Cows before settling on Dairy cows where they would continue operations for years.

In the 1990’s it was time for Gord and Vi’s second-oldest Steve to step in and start taking over the family farm by placing his own swing on things. Steve’s choice of farming would be choosing to switch to Beef cattle where his wife Teresa would try her hand at raising chickens.

While running the farm alongside his wife and still active father, Steve would introduce “The Shop” to the farm, which would include him repairing and rebuilding alternators, starters, and generators.

Alternators & Starters

The Shop would start in Gord’s Garage, where Steve and Gord would work daily on repairing an assortment of automotive and marine alternators, starters, and generators. It would not be long before the operations would outgrow the small garage and have to be moved into a bigger building on the property.

At the time Steve would run shop with the help of his father, a full-time assistant, and his wife. Weekly trips would be scheduled for pickups/drop-offs of local marines and marinas in the serving the Muskoka area. Services would be offered to multiple businesses in the Gravenhurst, Bracebridge, Port Carling, Bala, and surrounding areas.

Operations would continue for close to twenty years in the one location before the choice was made to build a new building for operations. This new building would allow Steve to continue to do the work he loved in a more manageable setting.

Moving Forward

Nowadays, Steve continues to run and operate Brunton Farm with the help of his wife Teresa and children. In the new building, located still on the original property of the farm, Steve continues to serve the Gravenhurst, Bracebridge and surrounding area businesses and marinas for their alternator, starter and generator needs.

On top of the Alternators and Starters, Steve continues his love of farming by bringing in a small number of cattle every summer to graze on the lands while his wife loves to take care of her gardens and smaller animals including goats and chickens.